The water recycling machine or Thickener is the first stage of water recycling in sand, glass, iron and mining industries.

This device uses gravity to separate solid and liquid by sedimentation method and uses polyelectrolyte materials to accelerate this process.

 The use of this device reduces water costs, related repairs, and the space required for the wastewater pool, and minimizes the use of non-returnable natural resources, and 90% of the water used in the washing system is recycled.

Some of the strengths of this system are as follows:

  • The design of the overflow channel in the external environment of the thickener will create the maximum distance to the place of sewage entry and guarantee the transparency of the overflow water.
  • The use of a metal bridge in Qatar Tickner makes it possible to take samples of sewage and possible repairs on moving mechanisms easily.
  • The use of stairs and access routes and galvanized fences in accordance with European safety standards is another advantage of this system.
  • The use of adjustable paddles with four arms and weight balancing on the paddles by advanced devices will guarantee the maximum useful life of the American gearbox motor of the system.
  • The pre-assembled pump mechanism and valves of this system reduce the installation and start-up time to a minimum.The use of the best brand mud pumps with a plated impeller provides the possibility of mud removal up to a distance of more than 300 meters and a height of 100 meters with a long life.
  • The use of PLC control system and the American touch screen will allow the operator to adjust the device according to the existing conditions and manage the maximum efficiency with the minimum operational operations.
  • The polymer manufacturing system includes water tanks, polymer manufacturing and maintenance, along with level sensors, it is in charge of the polymer manufacturing and injection process automatically, and the complete set includes the air compressor, lighting system, all pumps, mixer and chemical material feeder inside the container. It has already been installed and tested.
  • The polymer production system or poly plant can be used separately to reduce the settling time in sewage pits. This set has 4 and 2 capacities.5 kg per hour is accessible and with the injection pump revolution control system, the amount of injected polymer can be adjusted between 0-100%.
  • Using the engine speed control system for the polymer injection pump will allow the operator to change the amount of polymer injection according to the conditions, although this can be done by using additional equipment and adding it to the control system. It was done automatically and without an operator.
  • Variety in dimensions and volumes with capacities of 100m3 / h, 600m3 / h, 400m3 / h, 200m3 / h h with a 25% increase in capacity makes it easier to choose for different applications.
  • The low power consumption in the average limit of 5kw and the short time required for installation and commissioning (maximum 10 days) are other obvious advantages of this system.