Barsa Mining Equipment

Barsa company was founded in 2000 with the desire to standardize and develop science related to the mineral machinery sector and by benefiting from the valuable experiences of domestic and foreign experts and research on European and American manufacturing companies in the field of mining machinery manufacturing, after For a decade, CDE Ireland was selected as the best company, and after purchasing the relevant machinery and monitoring it for a year, it took action to obtain the exclusive representation of that company. In order to realize its goal, which is the country’s industrial self sufficiency, this company has entered into a contract for the transfer of technical knowledge, and benefits from the continuous presence of CDE’s experts and engineers in the fields of design and after sales services in Iran. 

Exclusive representative of CDE

CDE company was established in 1992 and by employing experienced engineers in various industrial and mineral fields, it achieved the technology of producing high quality mineral machinery in the shortest period of time.

In the first step, this company introduced the use of hydrocyclone technology to the world and after that it managed to design, install and start the largest sand washing facility in Qatar with a production of 60,000 tons per day.

This company is also the first manufacturer of mobile sand washing facilities in the world.