The use of superior hydrocyclone technology by CDE allows us to wash materials based on density. In this method, after mixing with water, the material enters the tank of the device and is pumped into the cyclone by a specialized pump. The rotating movement of the product causes it to be easily separated from the mud due to the centrifugal force and placed on the dewatering channels. and after dewatering with low humidity, it can be loaded and transported.

Some of the strengths of this system:

– High efficiency compared to traditional sand washing systems.

– The ability to control and absorb useful fine particles from 20 to 200 microns.

– Increasing the production capacity up to 15% due to the absorption of useful fine grains

– Increasing the quality of the output product

– Regulating product humidity due to the use of polyurethane dehydrating strips and reducing the humidity to the desired amount.

– Use of specialized pumps for product pumping

– Using rubber covers to prevent corrosion and wear in front of the product

– The use of high-quality seismographs in such a way that 10% of the ground energy is transferred to the foundation.

– Can be installed in limited spaces.

– High speed of installation and setup (maximum 2 days)

– Reduction of repair and maintenance costs due to the use of high quality parts.Variety of production capacity from 70t / h to 250t / h

– Low power consumption

– The use of galvanized stairs and railings and the possibility of installing it from two sides and four different routes makes it easier to install the device.

– The possibility of special regulations regarding moisture reduction, product increase and granulation change.

– The complete testing of the device after its production in the CDE factory minimizes the start-up time.